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Testimonial: HMP Rye Hill ‘Beehive Project’

The Beehive Project social enterprise has grown out of the work of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation team (DART) based at HMP Rye Hill with the primary objective to manufacture natural beehives (otherwise known as ‘Sun Hives’). The business has…

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Testimonial: Lads Need Dads

Lads Need Dads is a social enterprise that seeks to empower and enable boys aged between 11 and 15 with absent fathers or limited access to a male role model. It provides an invaluable support service that encourages the lads to…

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Testimonial: Sussex Prisoners’ Families

At Inspire2Enterprise, we’re dedicated to providing support for social enterprises, whether they be in the embryonic startup phase or considerably well established. With a marketplace that is as challenging as it is rewarding, our team can help businesses with a…

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