• “I have to say it is your support and input that provided me with the guidance I needed to get everything started and you have been a constant since day one, so thank you.

    “We’ve a long way to go but are chuffed that all our hard work has paid off and been recognised so early into the life of Lads Need Dads after only our first year of delivery.

    “It was all the prep before delivery that assisted in making it a success, I believe, from helping with the business plan onwards.”

    Sonia Shaljean, Lads Need Dads

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  • “Andrew, thank you very much for your time last week, and for confirming that about the INO1 form so quickly. Your advice has been invaluable and made such a difference to the project. We’re much clearer about what to do and how to proceed now, which is a great relief!”

    Dr Melissa Gardner

  • “Thank you so much for your time and help yesterday on the telephone, Andrew. It was really useful and helpful to talk things through with you. I definitely feel a lot clearer on what our next steps should be, so thank you, again!”

    Emma Harvey

  • “We are most grateful to Inspire2Enterprise for all the support provided. As a start up transitioning towards growth, the services and advice offered is invaluable and has helped us develop a more robust governance infrastructure but also alleviated our anxiety so we can focus on development and sleep easier. Your expertise, so freely and so enthusiastically given, is most appreciated.”

    Denis Byrne, Sussex Prisoners’ Families

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